Industrias LAVCO was created more than 26 years ago in the state of Santander (Colombia), a thriving region, always recognized by its hard-working people, which occupies an honorable 4th place in the country’s economies with increasingly promising indicators.

Vanguardia Liberal, the most important newspaper of the state and its Magazine 500 Development Generating Companies in Santander, which this year reaches its 15th edition, have wanted to recognize from different areas, the work done by companies, entrepreneurs and executives in the region so that the sustained growth of the department, despite the adversities, is a reality. To this end they have designed 15 categories with 10 candidates each; Some of them are: Development in the province, Commercial expansion, Social impact, Business life, among others.

On this occasion, Industrias LAVCO has been selected as one of the 10 companies nominated in the category “SME Merit” in which it seeks to “stimulate the productive commitment of small and medium enterprises, which are those that sustain the local economy” .

For this reason, and because we are proud to receive this nomination, we want to invite all visitors to this website, to support with your vote the work that our company does every day in terms of generating formal worthy employment, in conditions of equity, that highlights the name of Santander not only in Colombia, but abroad, with products and services of the highest quality and design.

The link to participate is the following: . Voting will be open until next May 10. The result of these votes will be one of the criteria taken into account for the selection of the three nominees in each category and we thank you in advance for your generous support.